Art & Healing Circles

web 15 Art & Healing Circles refers to small, intimate groups of friends, colleagues and even family members who commit to supporting each other through a series of calendared hands-on studio sessions over a specific period of time.  The goal of the Circles may vary from group to group.  For example, one group of friends may form a circle to support each other to make time for creative play as a way to relax and to enjoy each other’s company while learning new techniques and skills with art materials.  Another group may form to focus on ‘family of origin’ issues that participants feel have hindered their ability to give themselves permission to explore their own creativity as adults.  Yet another group may come together once a month to explore ‘art as a meditative practice.’

We live in a society that has valued cognition over intuition for many decades.  At this time in evolution, many of us find that we feel tremendous imbalance in our days and lives.  Art & Healing Circles are a way for us as individuals to connect with Inner Wisdom while simultanesouly providing support to others to do the same.

If you would like to either form or join a circle, please contact me by e-mailng ( or calling: 520-991-0147.  Circles are forming as participants express the desire to connect with others!

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