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This wonderous quote was on the wall at The Jewish Museum in S.F. in the summer of 2013. Ani & I were spending time with family in July when we visited the museum in their temporary home while renovations were happening in their own site.  I am sharing the quote to remind us all that ‘miracles’ can & DO occur every day…especially when we invite them, invoke them and welcome them!

This Fall, I am cultivating some miracles of my own as I commit to bringing more classes and workshops to Tucson at my studio on Toole Ave.  If you haven’t checked out the ‘classes’ & “workshops” pages here, please head on over! For the past 2 years, adults have been gathering in small, intimate groups to engage in the ‘practice’ of drawing, painting,  pressless print-making, collage and a host of mixed-media techniques as we diffuse the Inner Critic through fun, color-filled, focused play & work.

In addition to the workshops for adults, I have most recently welcomed kids to the studio on Wednesday afternoons. This is the ‘early out’ day for TUSD students so seemed like a natural slot for a children’s class.  Having worked with kids for over 30 years now, I have a HUGE treasure trove of projects for us to delve into!  We had such a wonderful summer as I did art with the Playformance Summer Program kids at 35 E. Toole.
This Fall, kids will be collaborating on some projects as well as creating lots of multi-layered wonders to take home!  More info. is located on the ‘workshop’ page in the website, but please feel welcome to contact me @ cking72@cox.net or 520-991-0147 for more info.  I am looking forward to such a rich and lovely art-filled Fall with community members of all ages!


SUNDAY, November 11, 2012

Thank you to all the art-hearts who visited “Heart to Hand Studio” this weekend for the Tucson Pima Arts Council sponsored OPEN STUDIOS TOUR!!!  It was a wonderful turn-out considering both the U. of A. ‘Home-coming Game’ and the first day of seriously blustery, winter weather.  My friend and fellow artist, DONNA STONER, shared the walls and graced us all with her Cubist & Futurist -inspired paintings.  THANK YOU, DONNA!!!

Other news is that a small group of students have been meeting over the past few Saturdays at the studio with me to work at their own speed on personal projects ranging from watercolors to Mexican-inspired tin ‘nichos’ in honor of beloveds who have departed.  From these personalized projects have evolved a series of classes and workshops  being offered January through March of 2013.  Please see the ‘workshops’ section of the website for details. (Note: “Workshops” can be found under the ‘Classes’ heading).  Give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of art-making this Winter!