Dreamco is a full-service media company. We do everything from developing websites to creating audio, video and digital media productions. Please see our list of services and contact us for more information.

Our Music Studios

Dreamco Studios produces high-quality audio projects in a creative, comfortable environment. We are located in the heart of Tucson’s downtown Arts District. Our neighbors are visual artists, sculptors and dancers. In this inspiring location, we built a recording studio that features:

  • Experienced audio engineers
  • Industry-standard recording software and hardware
  • A wide range of microphones and musical instruments
  • Multiple recording environments

Our goal is to help you create the sound you want. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us or use our online form to receive a free estimate for your project.


Thank you, Van the Man!

My heart almost broke last year, when one of my favorite albums, “The Best of Van Morrison,” was stolen from my studio by a whacked-out kleptomaniac. After Kleptogirl ran off with my CD in her bag, I immediately drove down to Zia Records and bought another copy. A couple of weekends ago, I listened to […]

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New Issue Comes Out Tomorrow!

The new issue of Dreamco Magazine hits the interwebs tomorrow, just in time to make it the “May Issue.” Yes, I know it’s dorky to release a magazine on the last day of the month, but let’s face facts: it would be dorkier still to put out the May issue in mid-June, so according to […]

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Inka dinka doo

I’m working on the pages for a new comic/animation project we’re developing called “Wildchord.” The first issue of the comic was drawn by an artist named Johhny Banh. I’m doing the inking and my co-worker, Megan, will be coloring it. This image is page 2. At the top of this page, a few birds are […]

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Heavenly Choir

The lyrics of a new song we’re working on, called “Somehow,” are so sad, they have been declared a health hazard by the FDA. In order to avoid having people spontaneously combust when they hear the song, my band mates, Uma, Harry and Troy, came into the studio on Saturday and recorded a beautiful “heavenly […]

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Lights, Camera, Dark Little Photo …

I recently installed ambient lighting in the Dreamco recording studio and it is way-cooler looking than this dark little photo. I’ve been wanting to hang colored lights for a long time, and someone was selling 5 theatrical spotlights for $50 on Craigslist the other day, so I nabbed them.  The lights didn’t have colored gels […]

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New Project

We’re currently working on an animated series called Wilchord. It’s about a girl named Lydia who falls asleep at the piano and travels to a magic, musical land where all her favorite dreams, and worst nightmares, can come true. Below are a some sketches of Lydia by Erin Stinson, the lead animator.  

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New and Restored

We picked up a couple of new microphones recently and had our vintage M1 keyboard restored to its original glory. The mikes we purchased are: Neumann TLM 102 Electro Voice N/D868 The Neumann is a great mike for general recording. It sounds killer on acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, etc. The Electro Voice is a high-quality […]

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CD/DVD Duplication & Printing

We’ve just added an Acronova automated CD/DVD Printing & Duplication setup to our studio. Now we can duplicate and print on 100 CDs at a time at the push of a button! View an animation of how the system works here

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Double the Listening Pleasure!

We just doubled our music monitoring capability from four to eight headphones! Now we can have a four-piece band, their manager, two groupies and a chihuahua all listening to a recording session at the same time!

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