Lights, Camera, Dark Little Photo …

I recently installed ambient lighting in the Dreamco recording studio and it is way-cooler looking than this dark little photo.

I’ve been wanting to hang colored lights for a long time, and someone was selling 5 theatrical spotlights for $50 on Craigslist the other day, so I nabbed them.  The lights didn’t have colored gels or gel-holders, so I picked some gels up at Guitar Center and then began my odyssey to procure gel holders.

First, I bought some weirdo ventilation ducts that were the right size to fit the lights, but the hole in the center was too small, so not much light came through. Second, I hit upon the not-so-brilliant idea to build my own gel frames, using wooden door trim. Those worked fine until my band mate, Uma, smelled them burning (I didn’t realize how hot spotlights are!). Finally, I broke down and bought standard gel frames on Amazon, and of course, they worked perfectly.

Sometimes impatience, creativity and utter stupidity are not your friends.

I installed dimmer switches for each of the colored lights and put all my existing white lights on another dimmer, so now I can create the perfect balance of white and colored light. It makes a huge difference in the studio ambiance – now we can instantly dial up the appropriate mood-lighting for recording, live performance, video, animal sacrifices, etc.

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